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            Adding Your Gym to GymFly

            Adding your gym to our service, once you've made an account, is the most important part of the signup process! This demo video shows how to do it. Below, there is a text version, step by step


            1. After entereing details about yourself in the profile setup (from the email you received), click save, then click home, to return to the portal home page.
            2. You should see some blank lines under "My Gym". Now it's time to add your gym!
            3. Search for your gym using the available search fields. We have imported gym data from Google. It's likely that your gym is already in our database. 
            4. If you find your gym in the search, click "This is My Gym" (If you don't see it, click the green button at top right to add it)
            5. Enter basic details about your gym (If you're claiming a gym in the system, you won't be able to edit most details until we approve your account, just for safety and security)
            6. Fill out the liability waiver at the bottom. This is what protects you if anyone were to get hurt using your gym. 
            7. Check the box saying you have the authority to add this gym to GymFly.
            8. Save! Our support team will now review your new gym, and you'll hear from us shortly. If we have a follow up question we will email you, or you may just receive a notification of approval.

            Once you have your gym approved, don't forget to create passes for sale!
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